New month, new colour~

As you may have noticed, my blog has received a new coat of paint, digitally speaking =D ahahhaha. This month my colour scheme of choice is red and white. Christmas-ish? White Stripes-ish? Bandai-ish?  Those huge round lollipop-ish? Coke-ish(Not the drug =p)? I dunno~ I don’t even celebrate Christmas o.O

Ahh~ Coke~

Ahh~ Coke~

Hell even the shirt I’m using now is red/white AHHAHAHA

Oh well. Hope you guys like the colour scheme? xD

Right! I forgot to say that I’m currently busy with exams and whatnot so Destiny’s review may have to wait for awhile. Please bear with me =)

*All pictures are not mine, credit goes to their respective registered trademarks :)*


About PlutonianXRevolver

Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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One Response to New month, new colour~

  1. heathorn says:

    Hi, link added to my blogroll ^_^
    Btw your comment also appeared in my spam folder, dunno why. We better check our spam folder first.

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