Holy cow! Bandai’s releasing MG version of Gundam Exia in July! Well I’m sure everyone should know by now LOL Anyway pictures below taken from various websites. The most coverage I’ve seen is from
Apparently there’s 2 versions coming out for this master grade, the vanilla/normal version of the Exia which is priced around 3800 yen and the Ignition mode of Exia. The first or initial release of the Ignition mode is priced at 5,250 yen while the later batch versions are priced at 6,875 yen. The Ignition mode comes with metallic coating of the swords, LED lights, and a conversion kit to make the Exia become the Exia R which debuted in the first episode of Gundam 00 season 2. Damn, I need this master grade kit!!! I’m most likely aiming for the Ignition mode and if possible, the first initial batch to get the discounted price =D woooo~ It’ll probably be around $130~150 though. Gahhh my wallet’s gonna have a huge hole soon LOL 
Anyway, enjoy the pictures *which I grabbed from various websites so I do not own any of them =)*
The Boxart

The Boxart

The GN Drive lights up!!! =DDDD



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